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This blog provides:


  • Information about current research in the field of Austrian Studies in English.
  • Comments and posts by members of the global academic Austrian Studies community in the UK and abroad.
  • An insight into the relevance of cultural and literary studies and the opportunity to engage in discussions with experts.
  • Discussions about translation in an Austrian context as well as translation experiments
  • A steadily growing network of Austrian Studies researchers with links to their work and their profiles.
  • The opportunity to co-establish a critical approach to the academic internet discourse beyond the media.



Are you interested in joining the Austrianresearchuk community as a contributor? Get in touch and email us or simply follow us and leave your comments!



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  1. Maria Luise Caputo-Myr

    Congratulations on the initiatives!

  2. Susanne Hassall

    As part of my MA studies in Anglo-German Cultural Relations I am looking at Stefan Zweig and his reception in England.
    Do you have a contact person for me who has been interested in this writer or could help me further ?
    Thank you !

    • Heide Kunzelmann

      Hello Susanne, thank you for your message! I will email you and put you in touch with a few people who will be able to help you. Best wishes, Heide Kunzelmann

      • Heide Kunzelmann

        Susanne, here is a link to Prof Richard Dove’s recorded lecture on Zweig in England, that might also be interesting to you, just click here.

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