Freud Museum: A film on Peter Altenberg and a book presentation “Journeys into Madness”


This should be of interest to everyone who’s interested in Austrian culture. Congratulations to our colleagues in Art History Gemma Blackshaw and Sabine Wieber!

26 June 2012

ALTENBERG: The Little Pocket Mirror

Film screening and discussion

Art historian Gemma Blackshaw and film-maker David Bickerstaff will present their new documentary film collaboration on Austrian writer Peter Altenberg, followed by a Q&A session.

The life and work of Peter Altenberg is shrouded in controversy. The film retraces the footsteps of this suspected paedophile through Vienna’s cheap hotels and crumbling asylums to create an illuminating portrait of a deeply troubled man, central to the Freudian world of ‘Vienna 1900’.

The film was launched on the 2 May, 2012 at the Neue Galerie for Austrian and German Art, New York. Tonight will be its first UK screening.

Gemma Blackshaw recently co-edited with Sabine Wieber ‘Journeys into Madness: Mapping Mental Illness in the Austro-Hungarian Empire’, published by Berghahn. The book will be launched and available to purchase at the event.

Here’s the link to the Freud Museum:

And here’s the link to Berghahn publishers:

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