Project: Elfriede Jelinek: Work and Impact. An Annotated Bibliography

· Austrian Research (general)

The project Elfriede Jelinek: Work and Impact. An Annotated Bibliography  at the department of German philology at the University of Vienna started at October 2011. Ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Pia Janke is the project leader, who is also director of the Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum at the University of Vienna. The project will take three years and is funded by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund). Members of the project team are Mag.a Stefanie  Kaplan and Mag.a Teresa Kovacs. You will find detailed information on the project-homepage:

Although there are a number of academic studies on Elfriede Jelinek, there has to be a systematic annotated documentation of an oeuvre which has taken on remarkable dimensions over the last 40 years. Also the international academic reception of her works has to be comprehensively gathered.

In 2004 Pia Janke edited an index of Jelinek’s works (Werkverzeichnis Elfriede Jelinek), building on some rather sparse bibliographies and listing the works of the author as well as selected studies written in German. On the basis of the Werkverzeichnis Elfriede Jelinek will now further important information and details be supplemented – such as the different versions of her works, keys to the texts and artistic context. In 2004 the focus was on a cursory survey of the source material and the bibliographical listing of the works. The bibliography of 2004 further lacks all of the works Jelinek has produced since being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2004 and the dramatically increased international reception to which this event gave rise.

The project Elfriede Jelinek: Work and Impact. An Annotated Bibliography will offer a complete annotated and critical bibliographical representation of Jelinek’s oeuvre as well as her international reception in its entirety. In doing so, great care will be taken to consider all of her works as well as the various treatments of those works by other artists. The project will not only provide basic data on these works, but also provide a key to understanding their content; all relevant information such as different versions, intertextual references, context and prizes as well as links to other works will be systematically provided.

The project will also cover the content of all of the author’s interviews and their international reception. This will entail not only the creation of the first international list of performances, but also a survey of the entire spectrum of translations and the international academic and media reception.

Main partner of the project is the Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum (, but there are also international partners of the project. You can find the full list on our homepage:

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