New “Austrian Studies” MA offered at the University of Vienna


Last Monday,  on 19 November 2012, Professor Konstanze Fliedl (Vienna) gave a greatly recieved lecture entitled “A Farewell to Words. Zu den Uebersetzungen von Ingeborg Bachmanns Abschied von England at the University of London. The lecture was the 4th Biennial IBC Lecture and formed part of the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations.

Konstanze Fliedl’s excellent semantic and metric analysis of four translations of Ingeborg Bachmann’s famous poem was very well recieved by colleagues from near and far and was praised by Ingeborg Bachmann’s brother, Heinz Bachmann, who has been involved in many translations of Bachmann texts in the past, as ‘wonderfully lucid and precise’.

In connection with her visit to London, Konstanze Fliedl drew our attention at a new MA degree course at the University of Vienna, named “Austrian Studies”. This degree course had been planned some time ago, when Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler was still Professor of German at Vienna University, and will run for the first time and will be convened by Konstanze Fliedl herself.

The MA has a special focus on Austrian Studies in the Eastern European context but also introduces a generally methodical approach to national identity constructions, to constructions of collective myths in an interdisciplinary context. It is this degree’s aim to place Austrian Studies in an international context, emphasising the importance of a transnational approach to literature from Austria  and Austrian Cultural History.

In any case, this new initiative at the University of Vienna seems to powerfully underline the importance to differentiate between several ‘German literatures’ by taking into account the socio-historical and political context of its production and reception.

Which, of course, is very much along the lines of this blog’s intention, too!

For more information about the course, please go to:

Neuer Masterstudiengang: Austrian Studies.

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