Se-Talk: Sabrina Rahman speaks on “Furnishing Memory: Red Vienna and the Politics of Post-Imperial Design, 1918-1934”


On behalf of Dr Katia Pizzi (IGRS, School of Advanced Studies, University of London) I would lke to draw your attention to the following talk by the inspiring young American researcher, Dr Sabrina Rahman, who has spent a few weeks with us in London as SAS Leverhulme Research Fellow.

Her Seminar talk for the Centre of Cultural Memory at the IGRS  is called “Furnishing Memory: Red Vienna and the Politics of Post-Imperial Design, 1918-1934” and  will discuss how Viennese design of the interwar period engaged with the challenges of defining a post-Imperial Austrian state. With the dissolution of the multi-ethnic Habsburg Empire in 1918, popular trends in interior decoration reflected the political tensions between vernacular revivalism and international modernism. The practices of forging cultural memory in the context of Central and Eastern Europe are investigated through examples of architecture, furniture and textiles made by the innovative design collectives of Red Vienna.

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 Date:01 February 2013, 17:00 – 19:00


Room 349 (3rd floor)

Venue Details:

Senate House, South Block Malet Street London WC1E 7HU

Click here for more information on the IGRS or send an Email to Dr Katia Pizzi (

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