Symposium: The Black and Blue Danube

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On March 1 and 2, 2013, my home institution Colgate University is hosting a symposium entitled “The Black and Blue Danube”. The theme of the symposium has been conceptualized by several of my colleagues in various disciplines including German, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Art & Art History, Film & Media Studies, Geography, History and Political Science, who have sought to remap the cultural space of Central Europe by means of the river imaginary.

In exactly three weeks from today, our small university in Central New York will welcome North America-based scholars from a wide variety of disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences to share their work on topics related to the Danube. Included in Friday’s program is a film screening of Donau, Dunaj, Duna, Dunav, Dunarea (Goran Rebić, Austria, 2003, 89 min.), which will be introduced by Robert Dassanowsky, as well as an undergraduate poster session linked to a course I am currently teaching on Viennese Modernism. Saturday’s program features four discussion panels on a wide array of topics related to cultural identity, history and social policy. I will serve as a discussant on a panel entitled “Boundary and Transgression”, and look forward to the presentations on Elfriede Jelinek and Hans Scheugl, among others.

You can read about all details of the symposium at the link above. Efforts are being made to make the full symposium available via streaming. I hope you will find that even at our tiny university tucked away in the snowy hills of Central New York exciting things are happening that are of interest to fellow Austrianists!

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  1. alflancaster

    I love the Rebic film and have often thought that the Danube would make a great theme to cluster papers around. Have a terrific conference.

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