Austrian Studies Worldwide in 2013: a list of links to Research Centres and Distinguished Chairs outside the UK and Austria

· Austrian Research (general)

Have you ever wondered where else in the world Austrian Studies are alive and thriving? Well, here are links to some research centres in the UK and the US that focus on Austrian Studies. The list presents a first selection of centres:


To begin with, there is, of course, the Austrian Studies Association, the biggest association devoted to Austrian Studies in the English speaking world; but there is a great variety of places that emphasize our particular research area, e.g.:

Centre for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota, currently in the process of electing a new director

Center Austria at the University of New Orleans

Center for Austrian Studies at the Hebrew University Jerusalem

The WIRTH Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies at the University of Alberta, Canada

The European Centre at Stanford with its Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair Professorship

The Schumpeter Professorship at Harvard

The Arbeitsstelle fuer Oesterreichische Literatur und Kultur at Saarland University, originally a research centre for the study of Robert Musil

Culture is the totality of all the insights and descriptions through which people create meaning and manifest their common experiences. The democratic and participative nature of culture allows for its objective discussion. This is in reaction to the critical theory approach where empirical study of the experience of people simply reflected the object society. Following the anthropological viewpoint, culture pertains to social practices and the analysis of the relations among components in life. Culture is intertwined in social operations of people and other elements of society as they interact with each other.

(Culture as understood by Stuart Hall)

If you feel your institution should be added to this list, please email us.

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