ACF Book launch: Roman Elegy by Sabine Gruber



For everybody interested in New Austrian Literature: this week, the English translation of Sabine Gruber’s “Roman Elegy” was launched at the Austrian Cultural Forum London: 

Tuesday 16 April, 7pm 2013

A compelling tale of lost love, hatred, and reconciliation, during some of the darkest periods of European history. From Rome in the fascist 1940s, to the terrorism-plagued 1970s, and the Berlusconi era, Roman Elegy relates the intertwined stories of two German-speaking women from the South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps who come to the capital to find work. Their lives in self-imposed exile become touchstones of tragic events in Italy’s turbulent recent past. Sabine Gruber’s beautifully crafted novel moves effortlessly from the microcosm of personal relationships to the macrocosm of historical narrative, keeping the reader constantly in thrall. (text adapted from FAZ)

To book online visit

Austrian Cultural Forum London
28 Rutland Gate
London SW7 1PQ

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