CONF: GERMAN IN THE WORLD (London, IMLR, 2 June 2014)



With globalisation comes the need to redefine boundaries and research agendas of academic fields and the Humanities, especially Foreign languages, are no exception. With the decline in language learners in the UK and the public and political discussion about the necessity of language learning that has been haunting the media for a while now (click  here for a report about Language Learning in the UK),  the question of how professionals of Language and Culture Education go about tackling the challenges in Higher and Secondary education becomes more burning day by day. In June this year, a workshop brings together Germanists of the whole of the UK at the IMLR in London to discuss old and new paradigms of the discipline in a fast-changing environment as well as perspectives and strategies to successfully adapt to the process of change without ‘selling-out’ the value and principles of the Humboldtian model of education. Here is the programme:


German in the World

A Workshop on Monday, 2 June 2014   At the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


9.30    Registration

10.00   Introduction by the Organisers Erica Carter (KCL); Robert Gillett (QMUL); Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR)

10.15   Panel 1: Disciplinarity Aim: to focus on changing understandings of the discipline of German, and to explore selected instances that show how disciplinarity is shaped by local and global contexts Speakers: Sarah Colvin (Cambridge; panel chair); Sabine Egger (Limerick); Dirk Goettsche (Nottingham) Respondents: David Schalkwyk (QMUL Global Shakespeare); Daniel Wildmann (Leo Baeck Institute)

11.30   Coffee

11.45   Panel 2: International Pespectives Round table discussion with Germanists from around the world Chair: Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR) Speakers: Anil Bhatti (JNU, New Delhi); Ruth Dawson (Hawaii); Ernst Hess-Lüttich (Berne); Arata Takeda (Paderborn); Kathleen Thorpe (Witwatersrand University)

13.00   Lunch

14.00   Panel 3: Curriculum and Pedagogy Aim: to focus on the intellectual resources available within the discipline to shape our thinking on what we teach, and how; German as a source of ‘pedagogies of the human’ Speakers: Erica Carter (KCL; panel chair); Robert Gillett (QMUL); Howard Hotson (Oxford); Sylvia Jaworska (Reading); Ben Morgan (Oxford) Respondents: Reeta Chakrabarti (BBC); Mike Neary (Lincoln)

15.15   Panel 4: The Porous Academy Aim: to focus on relationships beyond the academy; the pros and cons of ‘impact’; modes of communication across disciplinary and institutional divides, including the virtual world Speakers: Ben Schofield (KCL; panel chair); Susan Reed (British Library); Stuart Taberner (Leeds) Respondent: Madeline Knights (Globe Education)

16.30     Tea

16.45   Conclusions and Future Directions Sarah Colvin (AGS/Cambridge; chair); Erica Carter (KCL); Andreas Hoeschen (DAAD); Elisabeth Kögler (Austrian Cultural Forum); Margaret Littler (UCML/Manchester); Karl Pfeiffer (Goethe Institute); Ben Schofield (KCL); Stefano Weinberger (German Embassy)

17.30   Initiating and Discussing Follow-Up Events An opportunity to mingle and talk to potential project partners

18.30   Evening Lecture Anil Bhatti (JNU, New Delhi): Movement and Migration: German and Central European Histories in an Overlapping World   The organisers are grateful to the DAAD London, King’s College London, the Bithell Bequest Fund and the Ingeborg Bachmann Centre at the IMLR for their sponsorship of the event.


Advance registration required Closing date: Wednesday, 21 May 2014 Fees (including sandwich lunch): £25 (standard rate) • £20 (Friends of Germanic Studies at the IMLR) • £15 (students with proof of status)

Closing date: Wednesday, 21 May 2014 Please download the registration form at Contact:

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