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“Safety Net: On Thomas Bernhard and Siegfried Unseld” – Bernhard in the international press

Holly Case explores the relationship between notoriously difficult writer Thomas Bernhard and his editor Siegfried Unseld in her article Safety Net: On Thomas Bernhard and Siegfried Unseld. (The Nation, January 2013). The exchange of letters between Bernhard and Unseld started in 1961 and went on for almost three decades until Bernhard’s death. The letters can be found […]

What Has Austrian Economics to Do with Literature? – David Gordon – Mises Daily

David Gordon reviews Literature and the Economics of Liberty: Spontaneous Order in Culture • Edited by Paul A. Cantor and Stephen Cox • Ludwig von Mises Institute, 2009, in the light of Austrian Economics: “The contributors to this outstanding collection of essays propose a revolution in literary criticism — a revolution, moreover, that has as […]

Enjoy your Cellar: Claustria, by Régis Jauffret (review)

It is tempting to suspect that Josef Fritzl lived his life auditioning for a career in a particular proud tradition of scabrous, satirical, uncomfortable literature. Ritchie Robertson famously argued that life in Austria in 2008 seems to have been competing with literature, and in the five years since then, literature has clamoured to outdo Fritzl’s […]

Call for Review: The curious case of “Claustria”: the Fritzl case as a literary metaphor

CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEW BY HELEN FINCH! When Josef Fritzl was charged with incestuous rape, among several other offences against universal humane – ethical standards, in 2009, the global press took notice and over a period of many months, the question whether this was a ‘typically Austrian’ crime, given Austria’s Nazi past and its  difficulties with […]

Reblogged from Thomas Anz on “Literaturkritik in Zeiten des Internets – Thesen zu ihrer Verteidigung und einige Bedenken”

For all our followers who read German –  have a look at this enlightening article by Thomas Anz , Professor of German at Marburg University and General Editor of on the problems and chances of literary criticism on the internet: Literaturkritik in Zeiten des Internets – Thesen zu ihrer Verteidigung und einige Bedenken : Although this post […]